• Real time information of your POS from the shopper's view

    Get to know your POS and analyse your retail executions without having to strain your sales force.

  • We are experts for POIs of all kinds in proven quality.

    Verification of outdoor advertising, map data, addresses, opening hours and many more. We are sure to also be able to cover your use case!

  • With crowdsourcing into the future.

    Hundreds of thousands of jobbers are ON SITE FOR YOU and collect qualified information in Europe. A high volume of information within a few days at an attractive price.

  • Individual solutions

    Your requirements, your projects - our individual solutions.

appJobber facts
> 1 Mio. Instalação na Europa
> 5 Mio. Imagens
> 500 clientes satisfeitos
InestimávelReduza os custos para nossos clientes
Satisfaction at the highest levelA few of our customers
Delegating has never been so easy.How appJobber works
  • 1. Briefing

    The project, its perimeters and your KPIs are defined in cooperation with us whereupon the jobs and the briefing are created. You can make adjustments at any time.

  • 2. Resultados

    The jobs become visible in our appJobber app at the start of the project and our jobbers are informed through a variety of channels. Our jobbers complete the jobs on site by answering questions and taking fotos.

  • 3. Teste

    The incoming data is being checked and processed by us in line with our full-service approach.

  • 4. Reporting

    Besides the real time tracking of results through our dashboard you get funded evaluations for you projects.

appJobber Notícias
What are retail executions, and why we keep an eye on them

appJobber has developed to become one of the preferred tools for manufacturers to understand the possibilities and actual data of their retail execution. So we will today try to understand what is so important about this managing strategy for the sell-out.

Displaying products in the point of sales
Displaying products at the point of sales

What is Retail Execution?
Retail execution is understood as the execution of sales strategy at the point of sale. The aim of Retail execution is basically to have the right products in stock, at the right place, at the right time, with the perfect price.

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From A Like Albanien, to U Like United Kingdom: The new International Store-Check Alphabet with appJobber

appJobber has always been active internationally, first in German-speaking countries, then in Italy, France, UK and Portugal, now - with a new awesome project – we are expanding our jobs in a further 25 European countries. Just in time for holidays our jobber now have the chance to do over 1000 jobs abroad.

Öffnungszeiten per App erfassen

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As novas dicas para rotas:Descobrir Lausana com AppJobber
Um jobber escreveu o seguinte sobre nós: „um modo simples de descobrir lugares pertos e ainda ganhar um pouco de dinheiro“. Neste sentido, Appjobber é mais do que um instrumento útil para ganhar um pouco de dinheiro. Appjobbertambém te oferece a possibilidade de conhecer a cidade em que vivemos de um jeito um pouco diferente, dar novos destinos aos nossos passeios descobrir novos lugares e fazer novos amigos no caminho...

Queremos mostrar o mundo Appjobber desta perspectiva e regularmente apresentar uma nova, magnífica cidade ou região europeia, onde as nossas tarefas podem acompanhar aventureiros numa pequena viagem cheia de descobertas.

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